Today, we lost someone special
Dinz Gervacio
Dinz Gervacio 2 timer siden
All the guys in the comment below are talking about another kind of rubber.
Marcel Hallare
Marcel Hallare 2 timer siden
This maybe a business venture.
Emil Ratinen
Emil Ratinen 2 timer siden
Ive never ridden on a actual trail
Matt Noel
Matt Noel 3 timer siden
who found this video cute and adorable hahahaha
AMGroblin 3 timer siden
3:41 what’d the dumbass think was gonna happen riding down a vertical drop??
beans_malone 3 timer siden
Congrats, you're going to be a great father
Courtney Gilcrease
Courtney Gilcrease 3 timer siden
Rizald Miko Bandoy
Rizald Miko Bandoy 3 timer siden
I'm don't have any bike...I wish I would I would have one..
modmou4690 3 timer siden
Dump truck?
David Murray Holland
David Murray Holland 3 timer siden
Marathoning you some of that sweet sweet watch time Seth.. Box 9 spd with that 50 tooth. Oh yeah. I use a SRAM eagle 11-50 12 spd and it's too many gears
Haz Films
Haz Films 4 timer siden
Seth’s Vaccinated
Patrick Lockwood
Patrick Lockwood 4 timer siden
Trending 48 in the US
Bill Heckner
Bill Heckner 4 timer siden
Home trail mix with slim jims. Oh yeaha!
Brett McMillen
Brett McMillen 4 timer siden
The zip tiesssss
Lyle Murphy
Lyle Murphy 4 timer siden
when you ride a machine all your instincts of self bracing a fall needs to go away, hold tight and pray
JackDellas Vlogs
JackDellas Vlogs 4 timer siden
It’s so good to see how far these trails have come been here since (og drama drop)
seattlegrrlie 4 timer siden
5'4 web developer with athsma 😆
RileyWHATEVER 4 timer siden
This bike looks so cool my parents are buying me one for my graduation.
Quinn Blue
Quinn Blue 5 timer siden
Me using normal mulch, looking at this😶😶😶
Spicy Codeine
Spicy Codeine 5 timer siden
Recently started watching and im really disappointed by the lack of consistency
Bike Med
Bike Med 5 timer siden
I dont know how many times i watch this Video, Because of your Vid, it pushed me to make my own Bike Garage / Shop.. Always looking forward like this Videos. For inspiration.. Miss Drama... Thank you so much..
F Chavez
F Chavez 5 timer siden
I really enjoy these videos! But Ever Since he has gotten bigger in NOwindow and more subscribers he has posted less videos and less videos. He needs to post more.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 timer siden
What if I wanted something in between a mountain bike and a Bmx bike, A bike with big wheels, can cover a lot of ground, disc brakes, that is also light weight and one gear that's geared bike a bmx
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 timer siden
Like some kinda high geared trials bike that I can jump around on and be able to go fast on
tomos trails
tomos trails 5 timer siden
What happen to Kevin’s downhill bike
Damon Mckinley
Damon Mckinley 5 timer siden
Dump truck 😂
Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams 6 timer siden
Please dont roll that mini excavator! Stay safe!
jackandi1 6 timer siden
Phil is that uncle your parents don’t want you hanging around with but u still do cause he’s sick
Noah Erps
Noah Erps 6 timer siden
I click on this vid every time I see it lmao
Eugene 6 timer siden
Hi I'm Seth, and today were going to do something same, but kinda the different
Asher harris
Asher harris 6 timer siden
looks like a session
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 6 timer siden
Are we just not going to mention that thumbnail? 😎
Rory Mag
Rory Mag 6 timer siden
So Kevin lived in Florida too, did they both move state together?
Luiz Carlos Santos
Luiz Carlos Santos 6 timer siden
If you search you can find...
Rhedbradley Natividad
Rhedbradley Natividad 6 timer siden
Please give me pedal
bozza bosnich
bozza bosnich 6 timer siden
Poo poo
Masked Motors DIY
Masked Motors DIY 6 timer siden
This is fascinating to watch. Like making a cake but in this case hopefully you don't eat the dirt.
Callum Carscadden
Callum Carscadden 7 timer siden
good on you Seth, happy to see you out there on a bike
Red Toberts
Red Toberts 7 timer siden
Single speed is awesome if you're not in a hurry. Dropper seatpost, must have for us old geezers.
Chanman Wilderness
Chanman Wilderness 7 timer siden
Aww, RIP drama
Diego Quijano
Diego Quijano 7 timer siden
what's the brand of the fork ?
WHATSKraKin 7 timer siden
"Just be sure to keep it far away from your rotors" Rotors: 3 inches away
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 7 timer siden
As a fan of tractors with buckets I enjoy this schooling on thumb buckets.
Trace Hope
Trace Hope 7 timer siden
I just noticed that the trail just before the driveway gap is called grandpa strength could this have been a Easter egg for there new baby???
LukeSoloSkywalker 7 timer siden
Dude you know how much I have been looking up to you for because you have been helping me with building my own bearm by my self
Highbeam 8 timer siden
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Nicholas Hritcu
Nicholas Hritcu 8 timer siden
I have no idea why im asking here but i have a not so old Prebuilt Scott Scale 960 2020 model and i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix squeakey brakes is it because i never changed my brake oil or something? My front one grips good but squeakes a little when you put little pressure but when it comes to the back brake its practically unusable is squeaks like hell and its really been affecting my riding experience because honestely im really stupid when it comes to bikes especially when it comes to fixing things or builidng a totaly new bike even lubing the chain is complicating. I have no idea why im asking here i just thought that people would have some usefull tips or something to help me solve my problem,
Outdoor Owen
Outdoor Owen 8 timer siden
Why does every Whistler trip that u take End up w/ u injured
Silas Bartol
Silas Bartol 9 timer siden
I just my first mtb recently and remebered this innertube on the bottle cage hack to hold a multitool. Hasent fallen out and luckily havent needed it yet
BLUEBERRY 9 timer siden
When are u going give away bike? Cause i just got a 250 dollars bike
Camden MacIsaac
Camden MacIsaac 9 timer siden
why’s everyone rippin seth up
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 9 timer siden
No way did you try to peel off for 6 hours
david benfield
david benfield 9 timer siden
Seth!!! Great video on building the trails.. Please do a hacks video on where and how to get cost effective bike parts. My diamondback hook flew off my bike rack and is basically mashed down to a seat fork and a frame. Can't find parts for a reasonable price ANYWHERE 😕 this kills, that its right before mountain bike season in the poconos too...any pointers are appreciated.
ramz92785 9 timer siden
Do you all have a website we can buy shirts and stickers?
Alex Rubin
Alex Rubin 10 timer siden
Bike back: WD-40 will get the gunk that’s always left over from stickers off.
Nick S
Nick S 10 timer siden
I got my Giant from a pawn shop for $100, replaced the tires, brakes, and shifters and it's a dream to ride for very little money....
Gunnar J
Gunnar J 10 timer siden
Hey there Seth, had an idea for a bike hack. For somebody who has a presta tube/valve, but wants to have a Schrader adapter on hand, take off a plastic bar end, drill a hole on the inside, and tap threads in it with your adapter. I've been trying it out recently while trying to improve my backpackless set up, works great.
Jack Jolliffe
Jack Jolliffe 10 timer siden
Ahhhh this is the seth I grew up with
Shepherd XVII Music
Shepherd XVII Music 10 timer siden
Wow......that is a lot of bikes at Walmart. I never see ANY bikes there.
Adam Hamizan
Adam Hamizan 10 timer siden
Seth is back! Finally. I really miss seeing Seth back to action. Please have a safe ride seth!
Ábel Szabó
Ábel Szabó 10 timer siden
Good to see you back on the bike Seth!
Finley Attrill
Finley Attrill 10 timer siden
Rip gopro
James Blair
James Blair 10 timer siden
am i the only person who thought seth just lived with oskar and himself in the middle of nowhere, and who is amy? does she ride bikes? does she allow bikes in the living room? oh and congrats,
S4NDW1TCH_MEAT 10 timer siden
The fact that you can almost see the bottom of the tires is terrifying
b3nzay 10 timer siden
Thanks algorithm
Ki Hill
Ki Hill 11 timer siden
I essentially have a Chinese version of the clug that works surprisingly well, and it costs like £2
Isindu Muhandiram
Isindu Muhandiram 11 timer siden
Joe Mama
Hugh Cronshey
Hugh Cronshey 11 timer siden
Very impressive. Both the build and then the insane bike handling skills.
Nate Pettigrew
Nate Pettigrew 11 timer siden
Will there be jumps on this new line?
River Page
River Page 11 timer siden
When he almost tipped he just looked at the camera like 😲
DaveX 9
DaveX 9 11 timer siden
Why did he rename his Chanel?
Dirt Bike Crazies
Dirt Bike Crazies 11 timer siden
What’s a good full suspension mountain bike for 1k or less
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 11 timer siden
Are you gonna show us videos of you building or what?
E M 12 timer siden
Rebecca.......Send It!!! Ummmm, we are gonna need bigger dippers!
Gardenscapes Capes
Gardenscapes Capes 12 timer siden
David Murray Holland
David Murray Holland 12 timer siden
I use a combination of Planet Bikes Grateful Red USB rear on both my Bikes. My XC8 TREK has 3 cree t6 2-18650 battery bank style all in wonder.. It made the same 6000 lumen claim.. 1 cree T6 can support 2000 lumen at 6000 kelvin.. It's not a very useful color spectrum.. My friend uses a different LED that's 3000k but otherwise the same and has much more useful spectrum.. My other bike is using dollar store Blinky style but much larger 3 AAA powered.. That was $4 combined with a very similar vintage housing retro front light.. The retro light is virtually useless except in the darkest places or as visibility.. The cheap blinky does pretty well.. The 3-t6 has had raccoons snarl at me and cars honk and people aggressively tell me to point my light at the ground. $35 CDN
David Murray Holland
David Murray Holland 12 timer siden
dollar store 2032 are $1 and there is a larger unit with 5 LED that takes 3 AAA that does the deal alone well enough.. i actually use the red one of these as my backups for my Grateful RED USB rear.. I sent a pic on IG
Bailey Rogan
Bailey Rogan 12 timer siden
Great video bro
Finley Jones
Finley Jones 12 timer siden
Can we have an update on the ranger station please?
Philip Viljoen
Philip Viljoen 13 timer siden
Seth! It's so good seeing you ride again. Enjoy!
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 13 timer siden
30 on trending at the time of this comment